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Why is it so significant to have a website design process? Without a web design process you are situating yourself up for breakdown. If you don't plan suitably you can end up investing more money in your project at a later time correcting misplaced items or items that make the experience difficult for your website visitors. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Our website design process may seem little lengthy and it is but it's worth it! When we are allowed to have time to plan a project the end result is an easy to use functional successful website that will be an asset to you. Read below to see how our website design process works:

1st Phase: Define your website goals

During the first phase of the web design process, we will determine the objective of your website; this will be done via phone calls and emails. What are your overall expectations? Do you want to sell directly over the Internet or is the goal to connect with your client for further dialog? We like to plan ahead and get the details up front. How are we going to define the success of your website design?

2nd Phase: Developing the Website Structure

In this phase of the web design process, we are filtering out all of the technical parts of the website. We need to determine how the information will be made available to your site visitors - how they will navigate through your website. We plan to determine both the needed technology and navigation for your website; there is no need to go overboard on fancy bells and whistles when planning a website with marketing in mind.

3rd Phase: Website Design and Build

Next we develop the graphics and layout for the site. We will ask you to provide any text, logos and graphics that you want included in the web site or we will create the logo and graphics for you. After a mock up is created we upload it for you to view and work from that point, this will tell us where we need to make changes for the site design. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the design layout, we will complete the graphics, collect or write all necessary text and build any animation or flash elements for the website.

4th Phase: Website Programming and Build

The amount of programming needed varies on each website. Some websites requite custom programming while others require installing and customizing 3rd party software. All programming features will be built or installed and thoroughly tested by both our people and yours. We want to make sure everything is working to your satisfaction and want you to feel comfortable that from the visitors stand point everything is easy to access and use.

5th Phase: Beta Testing

Beta testing is very important before launching your new website. We beta test your website to insure everything is functioning properly. This will consist of testing any interactive functions such as forms, shopping cart and forums. It may also include assisting you in setting up your new email addresses, merchant accounts (so you can accept credit cards if you are selling a product or service on your website) and training you how to use your new website.

6th Phase: Website Launch and Publishing

The technical release of the site is usually very clear-cut due to the extensive testing in the beta testing phase of the web design process. We test your website again immediately upon release and will ask you to do the same. After your website has been launched we can discuss extra marketing strategies and answer question you may have concerning your new website and its success.

7th Phase: Ongoing Site Maintenance

At this point the website is published and our job of designing creating it is complete. Don't forget, since business websites are your face to the world, they must be kept current in terms of text (content), graphics, navigation, technology and usability. After your website has been published we will work with you to establish a regular review and maintenance schedule for updates. It is a proven fact that search engines like fresh content on a website (your returning visitors like it too) so keeping your website fresh will improve both your search engine rankings and your rate of return visitors.

We look forward to assisting you and answering any questions you may have, just give us a little information about your Website Design project and we'll get started!

There are many more forms of webdesigning and if you would wish to know more about them just Contact Us.

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